We believe in understanding nature and the conservation of it. As more and more of our lives become data it is only natural for the environment to follow suit. However, while terrestrial environments are monitored for a wealth of knowledge and conservation, the oceans have not received the same enthusiasm. For this reason we here at Optiarc hope to provide a platform where scientists and industry can both achieve their goals by monitoring the oceans.

By monitoring the oceans we hope to help accumulate a wealth of data from around the world that can both advise local leaders about the health of their local reefs and nearshores while also helping to provide global interest and insight into what types of global decisions need to be made to maintain our oceans health that transcend national boundaries.

Our solutions are focused on scalability, long term use, and minimizing the amount of human help required. We hope that by doing this we can assist in all types of projects from those of a single research team that might want to monitor a local bay area for shorter periods of time, to large industrial organizations that have large spatial scales that need to be monitored for decades to come.